New video for “Drizzling Lemon Pearls”

Last winter in Mexico, I met my friend Ana Topoleanu, who introduced me to Anikó Antalfi. We had a day at the beach, having drinks and exploring the beautiful virgin beach hidden next to Sayulita. Some of the friends brought LSD and some took. The day developed into a beautiful ritual of skin and sun worship. Aniko filmed and Ana took photographs which you can find on her websites.

We thought it would make a perfect setting for a song as Drizzling, given that it is inspired in the communion of sex and psychedelics. The cascading delays found a good match with the layers of post production added by Gregory Hoepffner, of Almeeva. I'm very happy with the results and proud of all my friends who participated in this, from the sweet voice and evocative lyrics of Cyané, to the playful moves of my naked friends and their talented eye.